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Their guests are interesting and less cliched than the guests on many of the other remote working podcasts. There’s a lot of content on The Remote Show, hosted at Player FM, and it’s possibly the best remote work podcast apart from its host. But the website works, and the content is free, and it does cover some issues that remote workers will face. With a background in philosophy, she has been writing and interviewing for printed and online magazines on society and culture. As a new brand remote worker, she is now focussing on new technologies, travelling and, of course, remote work.

We appreciated the episode with Peldi Guillizzoni the CEO fo Balsamiq because we love the prototyping process he uses. This one appears to have been abandoned at the end of a 13-episode run which is a bit of a shame as its audience thought pretty highly of it. However, it’s fair to say that Remote Work is actually pretty decent. You won’t need to spend more than an afternoon with this material but if you can bear the European accents; it’s a decent enough investment of your time. Remote Work Podcast is the name of the product here and we had high hopes for it. That was until we discovered they’d released exactly umm… 8 episodes in 2 years. So, don’t go into this with the expectation of huge amounts of data.

Best Work From Home Podcasts

Besides, they must be engaged with their co-workers and up to date with their digital skills. This can be the opportunity for the leaders to use innovative technology to encourage the team. So podcasts are becoming a popular choice as a secure and efficient tool to make sure the team can get information and knowledge. Going Remote is a podcast aimed at helping people transition from a traditional location-dependent job towards becoming freelancers and solopreneurs. Listeners will be inspired by their stories and offered advice on taking a similar journey.

6 Podcasts to Help Navigate Your Career Path – The New York Times

6 Podcasts to Help Navigate Your Career Path.

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He’s a warm sounding host that develops decent relationships with his guests. His accent was fine by us but we do know that some people will struggle with it. However, we find the presenter a little hard to understand at times, it’s like he’s talking with cotton wool in his mouth at times. We are impressed with his guest list though and the fact, that they’re not all American/European. Every 2 weeks or so they release a new episode which delves into all things “remote work” oriented and which features an interview with a major player in the remote work scene.

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It’s good when you seek alternatives and inspiration while working remotely. Photo by Soundtrap on UnsplashRemote work had been on the rise, even before Covid-19 forced many businesses to do remote work systems. From 2005 to 2017, remote workers increased by 159%, according to research by FlexJobs. Employers that had previously rejected remote work may now have no choice but to accept it amid a global pandemic. Episodes include how to recruit the best talent from around the world, transitioning to a 100% remote team, raising capital, and minimizing risks when hiring across borders.

At Wurkr, we are massive fans of podcasts and so we have created a list of our favorite must-listen podcasts for remote workers. Geared towards professionals who are tasked withhiring talent, this podcast is all about building a strong and collaborative distributed team.

The Offbeat Life

Launched in June 2020, Brave New Workforce collects experts’ opinions to adjust to this ‘new normal.’ The hosts are Trip O’Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett. They combine decades of Silicon Valley and Big Tech expertise with exploring the limits and potentials of this complex moment. We like this one because it interviews entrepreneurs and executives at some of the world’s most influential remote working and entrepreneurial companies. Recent episodes have featured interviews with remote work podcast the president of Global Workplace Analytics, the CEO and cofounder of WordPress, and the founder of The Remote Nomad. Dear HBR is an advice podcast show presented by Harvard Business Review editors and co-hosts Alison Beard and Dan McGinn. They answer your questions and workplace dilemmas with the help of authors, thought leaders, and domain professionals. With remote work becoming more and more common, it comes as no surprise that there are now several podcasts about the topic.

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